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We are the premier mediator connecting companies from Italy to Saudi Arabia
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As a mediator, our primary objective is to facilitate communication, understanding, and mutual benefits between companies in Italy and Saudi Arabia.

Business Matchmaking

We identify potential business partners in Italy and Saudi Arabia based on your specific requirements and preferences

Cultural and Legal Guidance

We provide valuable insights into the cultural nuances and legal frameworks of both Italy and Saudi Arabia.

Our platform is designed to facilitate seamless collaboration and foster business relationships between these two dynamic markets.

Whether you are an Italian company seeking expansion opportunities in Saudi Arabia or a Saudi Arabian company looking to partner with Italian businesses, we are here to bridge the gap and provide you with the necessary resources and support.

About us

Our team of experts is well-versed in both Italian and Saudi Arabian business landscapes, ensuring a smooth and effective exchange between parties.

How we Work

How we assist our customers

We understand that each market has its unique business culture, practices, and regulations.
Our website serves as a comprehensive hub of information, resources, and tools to facilitate your business endeavors between Italy and Saudi Arabia.
You can explore our database of companies, access market reports, participate in webinars, and connect with our experienced team for personalized assistance.

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Wady Waj street
Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966563832911
Email: info@ksaita.com

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Join us on this journey and unlock the immense potential that lies in these vibrant markets.

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Benjamin Mitchell
Financial Analyst